Ah-Ha! A new series in the making, they'll all be named Igor, pronounced eye-gore, and non-sequentially numbered, oh and like an old tv show, the numbers don't matter.

They're best suited for dead flowers because they'll all be vases, but vases is such a nice word and Igors are more like trolls under the bridge type containers, none the less they are flower holders and prefer flowers without dirt.

They're fun to be with, hard to make, and here are two of the first three. The third, Igor 405, is hiding under some dirty sox in the closet.


In the middle of my third semester of ceramics at Cypress College some years ago I decided that I wanted to get better at the process and art of making pottery and reasoned that throwing a thousand pots over the summer break would be one of the ways to reach that goal.


The goal was to throw a thousand pots, put a hole in the bottom of each one so that it could be used as a planter pot and then get on with other things in life.


Many thousands of pots later I'm still finding new ways of expressing myself with clay and making pottery and having a great time working at the art and craft of making pots!

Please have a look, I hope you enjoy the photos and different pages that show the work I've made.

At some time I may sell work through this site, right now I sell through some wonderful stores in Long Beach, Santa Ana, Costa Mesa and Santa Monica. I do sell work at local Cactus and Succulent Society plant sales and at the Fullerton Arboretum sales twice a year.

Tel. 714.293.8270       johnnyclayworks@gmail.com

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