Ears Pots, or Pots on Pots, or Pots in Pots

It was a photograph of a very young girl parked in a stroller with an ice cream cone in her hand, on her head a hat with her name embroidered into it with twin pieces of plastic, ears if you will, that led me to create this series in clay.

It's off and running in red and black clay, some with funny distorted cactus shapes, others with rounded shapes on top.

The shapes on top are meant to be kind of jaunty, not necessarily completely horizontally practical, so garden on the wild side with these pots!

I'm making these as planters and as vases. No two are the same, and there is lots more work to do these, but I like mating the at least three pieces of clay with different shapes and with the off centered-ness of them, it's almost like the pots are riding on a train with the wind blowing the "ears" back.

Oh, stop the presses! I made a set of book ends too, they've not got a drainage hole so they should be good on a book shelf indoors, glazed inside too so no leaks!


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