In the beginning

In the beginning there is a photo in a very old album somewhere of two small kids covered in wet dirt grinning from ear to ear and the one closest to the camera, me, is holding a wet clump of our back yard out to someone higher than me who is off camera.

How do you read photographs?

Cut to a grown me a few years later, I should qualify the grown part, an older taller heavier somewhat wiser me a quite a few years later that found himself between projects at home.

Kind of wondering what to do with the next few months and wanting to be away from the house I signed up for a ceramics class, my very first, but I had some ceramics background in a general ed class in college, as the best story lines go, it was love at first sight, and the biggest problem I had was staying away from the ceramics lab at non-class time.

I should put in a plug here, the other students usually a generation or two younger were wonderful, open, and accepting of me, some were art students, some just wanting GE credit were taking the class, it was a great experience that went on for another two semesters and finally led to my finding a great little studio in nearby Long Beach that I work at now.

If I find the photo I'll post it, but please use your imagination. Two mud covered small kids sharing a small piece of their experience with a parent. It takes me back, it makes me smile.

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